Monday, May 19, 2008

An Institution of God: Marriage

The hatred toward God and all that He stands for continues to be seen in the actions of the exteme leftists in our beloved Country. By now, all of you have heard of the California's court decision (a 4 to 3 decision) to make same sex marriage legal in the state of California. The court has taken a moral issue - the holy institution of marriage that was created by God Himself - and has turned it into a political issue. Those who support such an outlandish position have told Christians and churches, at large, to stay away from politics. Now, these extremists have taken the institution of marriage - an institution that is NOT political, but moral - and has ripped it away from the moral foundation upon which God originally built it. By their own actions, they have forced churches and Christians to get into the face of politicians concerning this issue of redefining marriage. The action of these liberal judges is not only against traditional marriage but it also against the very authority of God and His Holy Scripture.

What can we do? First, we can PRAY for the Christians who are in California. They are fighting a tremendous battle. If this decision is not overturned by the voters in the November election, then the affects of this liberal court decision that, in affect, is legislating public policy, will be seen in other states across our Country. It is a sure thing that this is headed for the Supreme Court; but we need to be fighting it - now!

Secondly, we can be contacting our own representatives and telling them of our concerns about this moral atrocity. The men and women that represent us must stand up and declare their own position on this matter of the institution of marriage.

Lastly, Christians need to be standing on the Word of God and defending the moral integrity of the traditonal institution of marriage. It is easy to take the position that as long as it is not in my state, then I don't have to really take a stand on this. There is no point in causing waves, is there? This kind of thinking is dangerous because of its numbing affect that it has on the conscience of the average citizen. We must view what is happening in California as analogous to our fighting terrorists in Iraq. If we don't fight and deal with terrorism in Iraq, then we shall fight it on our home soil. In the same manner, if we don't help our California Christian brethren fight this issue in their state, then we will one day see it in our state as well. It is as simple as that.

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